Terminix Email testing
Terminix was looking to increase its 2018 new customer sales, click-to-conversion, and overall conversion rates. They looked to our team to provide a range of creative for lead-nurturing emails. We tested different combinations of messaging and content types for three main lead groups: hot, warm and chilly.
Role: Concept, Design and Collaboration with UX/Developers
Agency: Publicis Hawkeye
Creative Direction: Steve Stevenson
Writing: Kevin Treaccar
UX/Development: Bryan Russell
Account Services: Andrea LeFevre and Christina Pappas
HOT LEAD Testing
These emails focused on leads who requested a quote from Terminix and were likely to make a purchase within the first couple of days. Three primary themes were tested: the basics of Terminix service; one-time vs. on-going service; reasons not to do-it-yourself (DIY).
These emails focused on leads who requested a quote and continued to open emails without making a purchase. They may have shopped around or opted to try a DIY approach. These emails focus on technician imagery and tested three main themes: the quality of Terminix service; how the services make it easy on the customer; the top reasons to get a pest control plan.
CHILLY lead testing
Leads in this testing had contacted Terminix, but had not engaged with follow-up emails or calls within seven days. They may have opted to go with a low-cost, local competitor for service. Two emails were tested that featured banner animations and focused on the benefits of Terminix service over local options.
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