FirstSense Medical has an amazing goal — to ensure that every woman has access to affordable, non-invasive breast cancer risk assessment. Their medical device — the Sentinel BreastScan II — provides the only commercially available, FDA-cleared thermal screening that identifies abnormalities in breast tissue prior to more standard tools, like mammographies.
A Sentinel BreastScan II screening can detect and display rapidly dividing cancer cells as warmer colors in a thermal image. Simple, painless and quick — these screenings provide both the patient and physician peace-of-mind.
The brand mark is modern in style — constructed of overlapping ellipses to communicate the female form and mimic thermal imaging results. Color is limited to hues of pink (representing abnormal tissue and breast cancer awareness) and blues (healthy tissue).
Role: Concept, Design and Usage Guidelines
Agency: Publicis Hawkeye
Account Services: Lisa Zakarin
Below are initial brand mark concepts showing explorations of color, iconography and the female form.
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